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    Identifying first people to earn a badge

    melanie_giuliani Advanced

      HI! My team is currently using Bunch Ball, and we are preparing to launch a contest utilizing the gamification system. We are thinking of using this contest to award the first 6 people who complete a very difficult set of actions a prize. We have set the mission up in Bunch Ball already, but my question is - is there any way to see a list of who has earned the badge besides going through and searching every user? Some kind of report we can run? Even better if we can find out who earned it first.


      Also, does the option in the image below limit the badge to only be awarded 6 times across the system? I thought so but it occurred to me that might be per user.



      Your answers are greatly appreciated as this contest is very exciting for my team! So great to be able to use Bunch Ball to encourage participation like this!