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    How to add custom menu item in navbar.soy in Jive 7?

    choss Novice

      I'm trying to add a custom menu item to our main navigation bar in addition to the custom menu items we have from the out-of-the-box theming tool.  I found this add a new tab in menu discussion, but the solution is not working for me... maybe because this was for an earlier version of Jive.  I'm hoping I can do this in navbar.soy and possibly navlink.soy rather than with a plugin and bean as describe in the comments of Re: How to create a custom link(s) drop down on the nav Bar?  Furthermore, we would like this menu item to have a submenu.  If nothing else, maybe someone could provide guidance on adding jQuery to soy files?  I have tried adding jQuery to navbar.soy, javascript.soy, template.soy, and header.soy, but I either get an error or nothing happens in the UI at all.  Thank you!