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    Fixing mixed messaging in footers of invitation emails


      Hi External Community people,


      Here's a weird thing I noticed and would like to fix: the footer of the emails that go out from the system seem to be unconditional - not distinguishing between unregistered people and community members - but assumes that the emails are going to registered users.


      Here's the language in the footer that gets tacked on to every email that goes out:

      This email was sent by <our community> because you are a registered user.
      You may unsubscribe instantly from <our community>, or adjust email frequency in your email preferences


      This same language is placed in the footers of emails sent to unregistered users using the "send invites" tool (available in the left margin of the community "people" area). But we can fairly assume that the recipients of emailed invitations to join the community are

      • Not registered users, thus making the first sentence in the footer contradictory
      • Not subscribed, thus unable to unsubscribe
      • Not able to adjust email preferences because they have no profile yet.


      You all know that precise messaging to customers is very important, and it is especially important when sending them invitations to join your community - for most customers this will be their first impression of your resource. This is no place for mixed messages.


      How do we fix this? A number of the message templates contain conditional statements, so it seems there should be some conditional statement that detects where the recipient is not already a member, and is thus able to select a footer specifically targeted for unregistered users. How do we configure the footer so it at least doesn't send any message to unregistered users?



      • Is there a known-good Jive-friendly HTML tool that will work in the footer to do what we need?
      • What might be the magic HTML code that would determine whether a user is already registered?


      Thanks for your help!  - Josh