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    Ecommerce Options/Integration Examples


      Are there any platforms, add-ons or integration for eCommerce within Jive-x?  My company is looking at building out a marketplace and don't necessarily need to process transactions as much as provide a pass through if necessary.  I have not seen anything on the commmunity that gave me clues about it which is why I'm asking.

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          Hi Eric,

          Currently Jive does not have Ecommerce integration or Add-on. If you like to see this in future releases, I would recommend creating a feature idea for it here Ideas for Jive so that others can vote it up and  help it get recognition which will bring visibility to our Products team. Or if you have a Engineering team and are interested in developing your own add-on, Jive does allow community managers to upload a new add-on. To see more on developing an add-on, this document goes over more Building the Add-on