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    Stoping Spam in forum using SBS

    jocdrew30 Novice

      I want to create a plug-in that only allows ASCII keys to be submitted on my forum. We are currently using Jive SBS and having isues with the Russian, Korean and a few others languages and it would help if I could only allow ASCII keys on my forum.


      If there is a simpler way to do this that would be great. I have never made a plug-in and I am researching the how to go about this, however I am concerned that since is old I might be fighting a up hill battle. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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          Libby Taylor Expert

          Hi Drew, wow, that's a fairly old version of Jive! I'm actually not sure what is available for spam controls on that version. I know we built a bunch of things into the 8.0.3 version of the platform, so maybe you could have the conversation with your community team about upgrading. In the meantime, I'm going to send you over to the Jive Developers space where that community would most likely be best suited to help you with you question about plug-ins. I have to warn you though, even plug-ins are something that the platform has moved away from so you'll have to find someone with knowledge of the older version of the system. Toward that end, have you submitted a query in the secret support community for your company? The support team at Jive might be able to give you some tips as well.

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              jocdrew30 Novice

              Hello Libby:


              Thank you for the response. Yes I know it is a very old version and I have been informed we are upgrading to 6 soon. Therefore since this new information has arised, I suppose my question now has two parts now.


              1) How can I only allow ASCII keys for version 4 (temporary solution until upgrade)

              2) Does 6 have a API to handle this issue?


              Honestly I would rather develop a plug-in/macro for 6 that only allowed ASCII keys on our forum if there is not a already developed solution. If the advice could push towards 6 that would be greatly appreciated.


              A moment of honestly, I am a Java Developer but have never had to deal with a project dealing with Jive.