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    Goodbye Jive, it was fun while it lasted


      Hey Jive Developer Community, it is with a heavy heart that I am saying good bye to the Jive platform today. I've worked with many of you over the last 7 years. The Jive dev community holds a big place in my heart, as it was the community that brought me back to programming for a living after 15 years in sales. Whether that was successful, I don't know, but it sure was fun, and I am honest when I say I learned more in the last few years than in the 15 years before.

      It was amazing to see Jive evolve from the "you have to live in Portland to understand it" style plugin extensions to one of the most well documented open social business environments available today. The only serious competitor when it comes to ease of use and accessibility as a developer platform is Office365, and that is a good competitor to have. Even when we are complaining, we should realize how awesome Jive is, and how lucky we are to have Ryan Rutan and his team to help people out.

      I hope I got to help a few people along the way. Jive made me believe in the power of community, and my new venture is a Jive customer, too.


      As I have started a new role I will not be able to chip in on Jive developer discussions anymore. All the best to you guys, and thanks for all the fish, and sadly for contractual reasons there will be no more silly April fools jokes from me, that still show the awesomeness of the Jive platform. ;-)


      Yalla, cheers and all the best