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    Is there a way to add fields or text to the "Create" screen?

    Alex Nassi Intermediate

      Using the cloud version of Jive-X, are there any options to modify the "Create Discussion" screen?


      My community is primarily focused on peer-based technical help, but often, users will not put what version of our software they are using. This means that a reply will work for Version X, but not for Version Y. I would like to add a text blurb on the create screen to request that users "include the following information" on a post. Alternately (preferred, but less likely), I would like to have a series of dropdown menus where a user can select specifics of their version.


      In the context of Jive, this would look something like suggesting a user puts if theyre using Jive-X or Jive-N, self-hosted or cloud, which version, etc.


      The only workarounds I have so far are to add categories for these options or simply reply to these posts asking those kinds of questions (what version, how are you hosted, etc).


      I have not come across this in the Ideas space, but can post there too if no one has any out of the box suggestions.


      Thank you!



      cc: Kerry Craig, Amara Mastronardi