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    Javascript overlays in Jive 7.0.1?

    melwong Intermediate

      Any Javascript overlays that we were able to do in Jive 6 is not applying to Jive 7. Same as in Jive 6, we placed the overlaid scripts into the overlay directory for the WEB project and edited pom.xml to enable Javascript overlay support.


      Are there any known issues or changes to the build process that we should be aware of?

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          Ryan Rutan Guru

          It is possible that files are no longer in the product and/or have been refactored to new locations.  I would check out the FTL Diff reports the various versions between your current one and Jive 7, such as:

          FTL Diff Report


          It is usually a best practice to insulate your changes to your own files and hook into specific Jive files as needed to reduce the impact of product changes with newer versions.

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              melwong Intermediate

              Hey Ryan,


              We are referring to Javascript file overlaying and not templates. For example, we have been overlaying tour_ui.js to adjust the Get Started to our needs.


              If we enable to build process to support Javascript overlays, the minification step (yui) is failing. We even tried testing an unedited copy and the errors still occur.



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              This problem still persists even with the parent-pom With that you need to add @preserve on top of all the important JS comments in your overlayed file. The jscomp step which you see when you use that parent-pom just removes all comments ... including @depends annotations. We will fix that somehow and I raised this internally as well. For now you have a workaround if you need it.

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                div_gcet Novice

                Hi everyone,


                Any more update on this thread? Java Script support is working now?


                I am working on Jive and not able to find java script(eg: place.js) files in source code even after setting jive.resources.combineResources to false.


                Thanks in advance.


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                    Javascript support is working indeed. If you are upgrading we recommend to set up a new maven project as the structures changed there fundamentally. We also only load the JS files we really need so you may be on a place where we just don;t need the place.js?


                    In fact we have 2 of these in - which of these would be yours?




                    On the other hand we may have renamed a place.js to something else? Are you upgrading or where did you get the name/identifier place.js from?


                    Bye, Nils