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    CMAD 2016 - Community Managers Love to Jive


      Hello Adam and Becky


      Here's my response to 2016 CMAD Love to Jive Community Managers


      1. Our Jive community (CSA Communities) is where we collaborate with our volunteer members in the development of new projects and standards. Jive allows us to inform and engage with our members in ways never before possible at CSA. Plus, the vast technical knowledge and expertise of our members make it the go-to resource for standards-related information.
      2. The biggest win for us in 2015 was getting people who were initially resistant to fully embrace and use the community. We saw our users switch from consuming content to participating in discussions and asking questions, and assigned community champions to help with moderation. We also rolled out a long in development gamification plan and it has helped to further increase participation numbers.


      Happy CMAD everyone!