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    Happy CMAD!


      Hi Adam Mertz and Becky Leung


      Here is my response to  2016 CMAD Love to Jive Community Managers


      1. Our Jive Community is used as a platform for an online worldwide user group of our software. The community is meant to facilitate peer to peer collaboration and education for our customers as well as for between  customers and employees. It serves our customers as a place to ask questions, share best practices, give ideas for product improvements and find useful information and documentation. For our company, it serves as a great marketing channel and VOC outlet.


      2. We re-launched our global user group on Jive in the second half of 2015 so I would say that's a big accomplishment! We will spend much of 2016 focusing on growth of the community, but thus far we are happy with the significant increase of engagement from not only our user group efforts, but all marketing activities targeted to members of the new community.