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    CMAD - Love to Jive - Jive to Love?

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      Hey Adam & Becky!


      I'm just fulfilling this post's request: The specified item was not found. 


      Here you go!


      1) Jive is THE self-support option for Relias Learning's customers. It's only on Jive that they'll have access to our entire Knowledge Base. It's also the only place where they can go to interact with each other. Our customers are across a wide array of industries but they all have our product in common. This allows for some great best-practices discussions to take place. There are also some fun ones too (Powerball dreams, Super Bowl predictions, etc...). Our Jive community is exactly that...a community for all of our customers to come together.


      2) 2015 saw our largest year of growth ever (up to 190,000 registered users). We also saw more of a buy-in from our PM team which allowed for a lot of that growth. We've utilized everything from polls, documents, discussions, and very importantly, ideas. We had over 700 ideas submitted by our customers last year, and we've implemented ~40 of them. Those are great numbers, especially considering how transparent we are about our ideation process. We've also had nearly 3,000 closed cases over the course of the year, with ~600 of them being closed by our customers (got to love customers answering customers)!


      2016 is going to be the year for us to increase our dismal active number (~13,000) to better reflect the number of registered users. One step at a time!


      Thank's y'all!