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    Deactivated users get moderation notifications


      Hi there,

      recently we had a pilot phase for a community, using a UAT environment for that purpose. Within the pilot moderation tasks where trained as well. After the pilot, the pilot users where deactivated on that UAT environment. They work in the production environment, now.


      We observed, that deactivated users get notification to do moderation tasks. Reading Deleting and Deactivating a User Account, we are somewhat surprised. Is that something community management has to handle (i.e. taking care of user groups with moderation tasks) or simply a bug? Has someone established best practice to handle this?


      Best regards


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          Hi Jürgen,


          Thanks for raising this question around the deactivated moderators. This is unexpected, but I don't see any bug reports on this behavior. I would encourage submitting a support case with specific details to test and reproduce the issue, a team member will be happy to look into this for you.


          Let me know if you had any other questions on this.



          Jeph Yang