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    Best practices for testing new global features

    amoss.sharon Novice

      Hi everyone!


      We have a very new external community with just a small pilot group of members at this point.  We're looking forward to some of the new features coming, but I'm curious how folks are managing testing of new global features.  I appreciate that they are turned off by default, but how do you manage turning them on when there may be active users in the system and it may disrupt existing functionality?  From what I understand, we aren't able to "lock out" users from the community (other than individually disabling accounts) -- so how do we manage? 

      In the upcoming upgrade, I'm thinking specifically about the change with discussions and questions -- we have a number of calls to action in various places that launch discussions that could be impacted.  I'd love to test the impact myself before having active members encounter changed functionality.


      Thanks for your thoughts!


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          Kara Francis Novice

          I think that we (cloud users) are all experiencing a similar challenge.




          On our Jive-N community, which was upgraded last weekend, similar to your scenario, I had several hard-coded URLs to “ask a question” for specific spaces that I had to update with the new question URL.  I had to schedule time in the middle of the night to make these updates while we had minimal users in the system.  I don’t have a good answer besides setting aside a lot of time the weekend of the upgrade (or when you plan to enable a given feature).




          The other thing we do is that we communicate to our users a longer window of when the system will be down (i.e. through Sunday) and include a disclaimer that although the overall community may be available, some functionality may be impaired while we configure the final stages of the upgrade.  So they know that between Friday and Sunday things will not be optimal, even if they can get into the system.


          We put this notice in the header so that it is visible to anyone no matter where they are in the Community.



          It’s not ideal, but it has minimized calls to our helpdesk during that timeframe.  We still encourage anyone to post issues to a particular space, just in case it is truly an issue, but in most cases our response back to them is that their issue was specifically related to an in-progress configuration.

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            Jennifer Kelley Advanced

            Hi Sharon, thanks for posting, this is very much top of mind for many of our External and Internal community managers as you can probably tell from Kara's response.


            I'll roll up some resources and suggestions I've heard from other customers. And will you be at JiveWorld in March by chance? 



            I hope that helps and please come back and share updates and lessons learned as you go forward!

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