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    How vital is Bootcamp to the JW experience?

    Frank Field

      Question for this gang...


      I'm very new to community management, but the community I oversee is well-established. My employer is sending me to JiveWorld, which will be my first time. I'm very much looking forward to it!  But the company isn't paying for Bootcamp.  I'm "considering" paying for it out of pocket, so I wonder how vital is it to my JiveWorld experience? It appears from the online info that it's geared more toward people setting up a community as opposed to established communities.  Anyone who can offer insight as to how beneficial it'll be?  Worth my own cash outlay?  Or will I get so much from JiveWorld itself that I can live w/o Bootcamp?  I don't know how this year's Bootcamp compares to previous iterations in terms of content.


      Would appreciate any insight.


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          Libby Taylor

          Hey Frank, I can tell you what I know about the JiveWorld sessions and hopefully help to inform your decision... I'm responsible for pulling together the Boot Camp session. We are basing the sessions off of maximum learning for Boot Camp attendees. The sessions are focused on the 5 stages of launching a community: we will have professional services strategists and consultants leading the sessions and there is "table work" for each of the stages (interacting with the other attendees at the table towards understanding the concept). The rest of JiveWorld is centered around speakers on a stage, with some interaction with the audience. There is more listening and pondering and less hashing things out with other attendees and experts. Some of the advanced sessions do have more audience interaction depending on what you are planning on attending.


          So, if you are being led through your launch with strategy consultants from either Jive or a partner, then you might not need to attend Boot Camp. If you are planning on launching the community on your own, with minimal consulting help, then I would say that Boot Camp is ESSENTIAL.  If you have any questions at all, I'll be posting a blog in this space this afternoon to talk more about Boot Camp. In fact, them me push the go button now...  Okay, check out the details here: Time to Get Excited About JiveWorld16 Boot Camp!


          Let me know if you have any other question!

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            Hi Frank!
            I stumbled upon your thread and wanted to point out the other pre-conference sessions just in case one of the topics was what you were hoping for....Pre-Conference Sessions & Workshops | JiveWorld