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    Why does Jive place tag clouds above titles in tag search results?

    nb-mdso Novice

      If I click on the tag in a post, I don't want to see all the other tags that get used with it, I want to see all the content tagged with tweet sheet.


      I understand there could be utility in displaying all those other tags because they filter results. That'd make more sense if I intended to browse tags, but that's not quite what I'm trying to do, and not what I'd expect, having clicked a tag in a post. In platforms like Wordpress or Drupal, CMS's that make use of tags/terms, the user is shown a list of content with the tag they've just clicked. This seems to be standard behavior. Tag clouds and tag browsing are done elsewhere.


      In example:


      Apps - | TechCrunch - Wordpress

      Star Wars Games and Apps | StarWars.com - Wordpress

      Currency, Business - The New Yorker - Wordpress

      Water Trivia, Quizzes, and Brain Teasers | Mental Floss - Drupal

      James Harden – ProBasketballTalk - Drupal


      1. Can the listing of content tag appear above the tag cloud? And/or
      2. Can the listed content otherwise be made more prominent somehow?


      Implementation of either'd make for more efficient UX – from my perspective.