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    How to implement bookmark feature in iOS app?

    akash Novice

      Hi, I'm implementing bookmark feature in my ios app using jive SDK. Could anybody let me know how I can create a bookmark in my app?


      Code below is what I used for creating bookmark for content:



      JiveFavorite *favorite = [JiveFavorite createFavoriteForContent:self.content name:self.content.subject notes:self.content.note];



                  JiveReturnFieldsRequestOptions *options = [JiveReturnFieldsRequestOptions new];

                  [self.jiveFactory.jive createContent:favorite withOptions:options onComplete:^(JiveContent *content){

                      NSLog(@"Content: %@",content);

                  } onError:^(NSError *error){

                      NSLog(@"Error: %@",error);





      Is the code correct, or I am missing something? I can see bookmarks are appearing on website(at path <domain name>/bookmarks) but the same are not appearing on my app. But If I bookmark from browser, they will show up in the app.


      Thanks in advance!!