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    Do you support an external support forum and are coming to JiveWorld16?

    mark_h_intel Novice

      I manage the technical support forums for Intel. Our audience is mainly end users looking for help to fix something on their computer. (I have a few developers that interact and a bunch of makers too.) I would be interested in getting together with other community managers at JiveWorld16 to share about what we do.


      I'm not sure what will be the best time. I'm sure many of us will be busy attending different sessions. Maybe we can meet over lunch or before or after the Welcome Reception.


      Anyone who is interested in meeting with me and a group, you can reply here.


      Mark Hanna

      Intel Support Communities Manager

      Twitter:  @mark_H_intel


      After JiveWorld16 Update on March 21, 2016:

      Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Meet Up or said hello at other times during the conference.


      Looks like we might need to continue our discussions right here in Jive External Communities. Although when we met at JiveWorld, I had in mind that maybe we could have an invite only private or secret group where we might feel a bit more open about sharing details. What are your thoughts? Is having our discussions in this open group good enough?

      For everyone who came to the Meet Up, we had a bunch of small group conversations going on and I hope you found that useful. Some things I learned:

      • Most common external support communities use permission-based spaces to keep customer conversations private. In many ways that seems a lot different from what I'm doing at Forum: Support Community | Intel Communities where conversations and questions are in the open. (Private information is exchanged via direct message or email.)
      • Communities that use the Jive (Persistent) connector to Salesforce are looking for improvements.
      • Those who have looked at using Salesforce communities to achieve integration found that the Jive community features are way ahead of the offerings from Salesforce, so they use connectors.
      • Several communities have custom connectors that they are generally happy with.
      • A lot of community managers were new in their jobs. Great meeting you. Don't forget to ask questions in the Jive Software communities so the rest of us can show off our knowledge.


      Here are the names of those who left there contact information with me at the External Support Communities Managers meet up. I might have missed one or two names and I didn't come close to getting a chance to speak with most of you. I hope we can keep conversations going here in the community. I converted some of these based on email addresses, so I apologize if you're the wrong person mentioned below. Also see the names of the many other people on this thread.

      David DeWald

      Kevin Morin

      Katie Mehnert

      Bobby Floujeh

      Jeff Moore

      Meaghan Wilkinson

      Nava Marshall-Fausone

      David Kastendick

      Maya Charles

      Wim Stoop

      Ben Fowler

      Ben Song

      Carl Williamson

      Dan Fidler

      Angella Liu

      Adam (I've got your card somewhere)