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    Embed a Web Page using iframe


      I'm trying to embed a countdown clock in an Overview page. When I paste the HTML code from the countdown page into the HTML widget and click "Save" the text is stripped from the widget. Is this an issue with the iframe tag?

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          Hi Lou,


          Reviewing through your inquiry, it's possible there is an issue with the embed code you are using, as such I woudl suggest reaching out to the Jive Developers space here in the Jive Community where you can collaborate with other developers on potential custom HTML widget code you are interested in. You might also find the following helpful:


          Countdown Clock feature

          Countdown Clock - Jive Cloud


          Lastly, if you are seeing only the iframe element being stripped, I would suggest checking out the admin console under Spaces > Settings > Filters & Macros and click on the settings page for the HTML Filter. As your instance could be configured to strip this content out as a security measure.