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    Is it possible develop plugins for Jive in Node.Js

    sikkandhar Novice



        I am currently using jive 7.  version . I have plan to develop Support Ticketing System PLUGIN in jive system and no idea about java.  so that i have need information about node.js  is it possible to create plugin.


      Most of place searched they given suggestion node.js create only addons and no information about plugin development. Kindly clarify is it possible create Support Ticketing System PLUGIN in Node.js language.




      Thanks in Advance!

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          puja_kumari Intermediate

          HI Sikkandhar,


          I am not sure when you say PLUGIN , are you talking about jive plugin or plugin in general term.


          As far as Jive is concerned, per my understanding Building  Jive Plugin and Jive Add ons are two different ways through which you can extend Jive's existing features.Which one you have to use depends upon the exact requirements you want to implement.

          Technically to build a Jive Plugin is based on Java/j2ee frameworks and Add-on can be implemented via primarily Node.js .Jive also supports other sdks for add ons based on Java , .net etc.

          As far as features you can implement using Jive Plugin or Jive addon is concerned, there are few common features which can be supported by both and there may be instances where some features can be supported by jive Plugin and not by Add on or vice versa.




          Being said that , it all depends on what you are trying to achieve. For more details you can go through the below links:

          Building Plugins: Building Plugins

          Jive Add ons: Getting Started > Building a Jive Add-On

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            moesingh Novice

            There's nothing stopping you from making a Jive Plugin that only uses JavaScript.  The JavaScript can use jquery's ajax functionality to hit a RESTful Node.JS service (e.g. using Express).