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    System: Webhook for JiveCloud


      hey guys,


      Having some trouble in registering a webhook!


      using nitrous-io ( so that callback url is accessible to JIVE  )


      Try one : 


      •      1. created a dummy addon installed on the   jive instanse  got the add on working

                       found the the Accesstoken in db folder under   tileInstnase.json        

      •      2. used postman to fire a webhook post call





      curl -i -X POST "https://sample.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/webhooks"

        -H "Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN    from the tile instanse>"

        -H "Content-Type: application/json"


        "events" : "user_account,user_session,user_membership",

        "callback": "the service url which i am running on nitrous-io"



      Failed gives back a unautherized 


      Try two :



      • 1. created a dummy jive webhook as addon "watch a list"


      • 2. failed Jive is not authorized the callback url 



      jiveclientconfig looks like this




          "clientUrl": "http://orange-casterly-rock-163063.nitrousapp.com:8090",

          "port": "8090",

          "development": true,

          "clientUrlExcludesPort": true,

          "extensionInfo": {

              "id": "7b828818-3040-403e-b81f-bbad5fb396c1",

              "uuid": "7b828818-3040-403e-b81f-bbad5fb396c1",

              "name": "example-webhooks",

              "description": "Description for example-webhooks",

              "icon_16": "extension-16.png",

              "icon_48": "extension-48.png",

              "icon_128": "extension-128.png",

              "releasedOn": "2016-03-24T17:22:58.546Z"


          "ext": {

              "your-recommended-place": "to-store-your-app-system-config"


          "otherPropertiesToConsider": {

              "ignoreExtensionRegistrationSource": true,

              "suppressAddonRegistration": true,

              "logLevel": "DEBUG",

              "extensionInfo": {

                  "registerURL": "%serviceURL%/jive/oauth/register",

                  "unregisterURL": "%serviceURL%/jive/oauth/unregister",

                  "redirectURL": "%serviceURL%/oauth/authorize",

                  "health_url": "%serviceURL%/monitor/health",

                  "config_url": "%serviceURL%/configure",

                  "author": "Developer Name",

                  "author_affiliation": "Developer Company",

                  "author_email": "Developer Email",

                  "website_url": "http://www.somedomain.com",

                  "community_url": "https://community.jivesoftware.com/xxxx",

                  "support_info": "http://support.somedomain.com",

                  "info_email": "info@somedomain.com",

                  "tags": "jive,integration,service,addon",

                  "overview": "overview.html",

                  "install_instructions": "install_instructions.html",

                  "eula_filename": "eula.html",

                  "privacy_policy": "privacy_policy.html",

                  "screen_shots": [






          "forPropertyDocumentation": "https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-103487",

          "oauth2-webhooks": {

              "clientOAuth2CallbackUrl": "http://orange-casterly-rock-163063.nitrousapp.com:8090/oauth/oauth2Callback"




      Any help would be of great help or any thought on this would help me investigate B-/