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    Disabling "mark correct" at a space level?


      I was wondering if anyone has suggestions about disabling or changing permission levels for "mark correct?" I work for a physician group and we're concerned about people who asked the question marking questions as "correct" when maybe they've actually missed a nuance of a medical question that could later lead us to some legal trouble since everything in Jive is discoverable. We love that people can mark answers as correct because we want the correct answers to be floated to the top. So we don't want to disable that at a site-level. The only solution I can think of is to really make sure the subject matter experts (SME) get tagged and notified regarding medical questions and to "unmark" correct answers unless we know the SME is the one who marked it as correct.


      I'm at a loss of what to do and I'd love some guidance form the larger Jive community!

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          Hi Sara,

          You are correct in that permissions for marking are at the system (rather than place) level.  In healthcare where the correctness of the answer is extremely important and yet you want to broaden the pool of answers, what a lot of orgs are doing is assigning a SME role to facilitate the answers on a regular cadence (1x/day or 2x/day) to check that:


          • Answers ARE getting marked as correct to begin with.  Most question askers don't always know they should mark an answer as correct.
          • If there were answers marked correct in the last day (or whatever the audit period is) that they were marked correctly


          You could also implement the "Official" mark to the flow and start marking good Q&A sets as "official" which not only adds the authority to the set but helps influence search results.

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