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    Do you train and require that company support roles within your community mark answers as Correct?

    heatherausmus Advanced

      This topic has come up quite a bit recently and it's been communicated that we should do this, so I wanted to get an idea of how many people train and make support roles (i.e. customer support, product management, etc.) within your community mark answer as Correct a requirement. Do you? Did you introduce it at launch of your community or after you've seen steady adoption of the community internally?


      I personally haven't required this of support roles in my communities because I think it should be something adopted by those asking the question, not answering the question. However, I do train those supporting the community that this feature is available to them should they see a question where there is a correct answer and it hasn't been marked - it's optional and best practice. I also think that someone receiving a response and it being a quality response is far more important than a reply being marked as Correct, while having the support roles read / scan the replies for accuracy is a better use of their time than locating the specific correct answer. Yes, this makes it a little harder to measure and communicate, but layering administrative tasks on individuals in these support roles doesn't seem right when they have more than enough work.


      What are your thoughts? What do you do in your community? Has making this a support role requirement worked?