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    Ideas to capture Exec-buy-in for my Enterprise Social Community proposal

    anirbandutta Advanced

      Happy New Year all Community managers!!


      I'm looking to get Execs vet for an investment in a public Community (Jive based) solution for our business.

      I need to capture Buy-ins from BU heads of Sales&Marketing, Products, Services and HR (to cover the ESN aspect) and then use that evidence to tip the investment desicion.

      I'd like to learn what you have done to capture&showcase Exec-buy-ins?


      I was thinking of 1/focused Discussions for each Business Units (Wins for 'Marketing & Sales') > Present them in a 1:1 meeting > CTA: Ask them to comment on the Discussion.


      What should I include in my content... any suggested format?

      Looking for ideas/templates, pointers.