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    Is it really that hard to figure out what "Job Title" means?


      Hi all,


      On our registration page, we require registrants (customer, employee, partner, etc.) to fill in the field "Job Title". We've changed to "Title" field the appear as "Job Title" on the registration form, but somehow a large fraction of my people don't understand what this means or don't realize that their acronym should be understood by people outside their circle. Am I the only one who sees this? Can anything be done to improve the situation?


      Here's the deal: our community is partly intended to bring employees and customers together. Customers are pretty good at describing themselves as they would on a public site like LinkedIn (My favorite customer job title = "Offshore Chemist"). Internally, we have trouble. For some reason, employees are reluctant to specify their job titles on internal tools, even if they're comfortable doing it on public sites like LinkedIn. Our problems fall into two categories:

      1. Confusion with honorifics. Many people respond with "Mr.", "Mrs"., "Dr.". Such terms can have complicated implications that just aren't relevant for us, so we left this field out of our registration process.
      2. Overuse of acronyms. People register with job titles like "IDO", "CE", and "FSS". These acronyms don't carry meaning across the company, much less with customers, so I either fix them with my own knowledge, consult LinkedIn or our internal acronym databases (plural), or correspond with the registrant to see what they mean.


      Does anyone else encounter this? Is there anything that can be done?


      Should we include an Honorific field in our registration form just to avoid confusion with Job Title?

      Should we edit the "Job Title" term to include coaching, like "Job Title - a short description of your professional role"?


      Thanks for your insights. - Josh