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    External Community and Get Started Guide


      I attempted to use the Get Started guide with our Rewards Onboarding Quest based on what is featured in the Jive Cloud Engagement and Rewards FAQ, but I unfortunately found out that we cannot remove "Jive" from the Inbox message that is delivered to all new registered users and the main message is very internal focused:


      {Community Name} is a private social network for you and your colleagues.


      So, I wanted to share this idea: here for others CMs using Rewards for external communities to customize these features. Please vote on it to help get it implemented in upcoming releases... maybe driven by the Rewards team!?!


      Knowing this, do any external CMs using Rewards still use the Get Started guide? I've decided to turn it off as it is a little confusing as our community is open, so I don't want our customers to think it's private.





      CC: Jive External Communities