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    Is image uploaded through API temporary?

    ashish.bhaskarwar Advanced

      In our Jive instance, attachment are disabled. So, in order to create a content with images, we are using following steps


      • Upload an image through /image api endpoint. /image api call return image details with URL. For example "ref": "<<BaseURL>>/api/core/v3/images/391771".


      • Use above image ref URL to create content using endpoint /api/core/v3/contents with following input data. Basically using image ref directly in content HTML.

      { "parent":"<<BaseURL>>/api/core/v3/places/63338","type": "discussion", "content": { "type": "text/html", "text":"Starting a discussion for image 1 \<img alt=\"download.jpg\" class=\"image-1 jive-image\" src=\"/api/core/v3/images/391771?\" /\>"}, "subject": "A new discussion for image 1" }

      This works without any issue. However concerned with the Jive API documentation here Jive REST API v3.13 → Image service  .

      Upload an image as a multipart/form-data request body, store it as a temporary image, and return a 201 (Created) status with a Location header that specifies the absolute URL of this temporary image.

      As per this documentation, this is temporary image. What exactly is meaning of temporary here? In our case, content which is created through API, image URL is referenced directly in the HTML body instead of being referred as an attachment.