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    App not displaying under Apps menu - Please help

    nallasivam.jive Novice



      I created an UI App and deployed the add-on package on developer sandbox. But the App not displaying under Apps menu.


      Here is my definition.json




          "integrationUser": {

              "systemAdmin": false


        "osapps": [



                  "name" : "View Sec Groups",

                  "id": "f3b766a1-f304-4aee-9cd3-ac9c42f9ac51",

                  "appPath": "secgroups-1462296565714",

                  "url": "http://localhost:8090/apps/myapp/app.xml"







      Here is the app.xml



      <Module specificationVersion="1">



          <ModulePrefs title="Security Groups and Members"

                       description="Display Sec groups and members"

                       author="Nallasivam Chinnya Gounder"

                       authoraffiliation="Western Digital"




              <Link rel="favicon"    href="images/icon16.png" />

              <Link rel="Icon"       href="images/icon16.png" />

              <Link rel="MediumIcon" href="images/icon48.png" />

              <Link rel="LargeIcon"  href="images/icon128.png" />



              <!-- Commonly used features -->

              <Require feature="dynamic-height" />

              <Require feature="dynamic-width" />

              <Require feature="jive-core-v3" />

              <Require feature="jquery-1.6" />

              <Require feature="osapi"/>

              <Require feature="settitle"/>

              <Require feature="views" />

              <Require feature="setprefs" />

              <Require feature="embedded-experiences"/>

              <Require feature="selection" />

              <Require feature="minimessage"/>







          <Content type="html" view="home,canvas" href="sgroup.jsp" preferred_height="200" />





      Not sure what i am doing wrong here. Any idea why not displaying the App under Apps menu?