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    How does a Dev shift from hosted to cloud for testing?

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      I have this question, and apologies if I'm missing something terribly noob, but I have a burning question for all you expert developers (Ryan Rutan maybe poke some of your peeps) out there.


      In this scenario we have a company migrating their community from hosted to cloud. They have a developer who's REALLY good at powershell scripting and doing amazing things to ...as an example...create 100's of documents from some other CMS and ingest into Jive at any one time. Then reform the html, etc.  Now, this developer has typically done ALL of their development against the company's UAT instance (again, on hosted). This worked out well, but with a migration into the Jive Cloud...well, the UAT will disappear (and should since it'd be a different version). I believe this dev does mostly REST calls, but I'm not 100% sure.


      So, the question: If a developer who has historically done their scripting and development work against a Jive Hosted UAT instance, how does that person's testing habits / behaviours change when their production instance move to the cloud?


      What things to know?

      What things to keep in mind?

      What NOT TO DO ('cause there always are hidden gotcha's)

      Is there a best practices doc on how to dev "right" for JiveCloud?

      Is there a hidden sandbox available to people that I can point this developer to?


      Insight and guidance would be appreciated.


      edit: I'm thinking that the How to Access the *NEW* Jive Developer Sandbox will help, but would LOVE some input from Jive.


      Thanks all.


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