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    What's happening with Jive Chime?


      Hi All,


      I recently rolled out a Jive Chime trial to our business for real time messaging. I've since noticed that the website www.jivechime.com now redirects to the main Jive Software site. I was directing users to this in order to download the desktop versions of the app.

      Given this and the fact you can no longer ask questions or post discussions to [Archived] Jive Chime I'm concerned the app is not going to be supported moving forward. Is this the case?


      It would be great to know now before I embed this as a IM solution.




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          This is a big deal for out company as well. I was told by our Sales Rep that Chime is "Sunsetting". I can't get any further response from Jive on what that means.

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            Libby Taylor

            Hi George and Michelle, we are working on getting this question answered asap. Stay tuned.

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              Jamie Roberts

              This is not good! We just purchased an internal Jive community - Chime was a selling point for us. We need info from Jive on this ASAP.

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                Hi everyone,


                Please see an update on this topic here: Jive Chime Update and contact me if you have questions.

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                    Gili Guri-Mill, I'm just looking for a yes or no if Chime or some sort of instant messaging will continue to be part of my community. The sales spiels make it really hard to pin down what seems like should be a fairly easy answer.

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                        Hi Michelle Midnight --


                        I had to read it through a couple of times too - but the way I've been parsing the announcement is that the focus is on making Chime an integrated part of Jive-n, and it's purely the standalone product pitch that is going away.


                        Gili Guri-Mill - it would really help if you could share what *is* going to be the shape of Chime / chat in the future - all the announcements of late seem to be about what Chime is not. Even a confirmation of what was shared at JiveWorld would help.



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                            Andy and Michelle,


                            Good points and thanks for asking.

                            Yes, team-chatting is a core part of our roadmap for Interactive Intranet. More specific details to come in the near future.


                            Michelle Midnight - I'll make sure you get all the answers you need. I'll share it with your account owner.



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                                Thanks Gili Guri-Mill.


                                So in light of this, and as an existing Jive-n customer, should I hold off from embedding the current Jive Chime module as an IM solution for our community or will we be able to migrate over to the new 'team-chatting' solution on the roadmap?





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                                    George Demetrios - it really depends. Let's have a meeting to discuss.

                                    Robert Yue - Adding you too. 

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                                        Jamie Roberts

                                        Gili Guri-Mill,


                                        We have the same question as George. We have recently purchased a Jive-n community and have contracted with our IT support company to download Jive Chime on all of our employees workstations as well as Jive Office. Is this something we need to hold on? We need to know ASAP, because this work is scheduled to take place in the next few weeks.

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                                          Thanks Gili, that would be great. Available at a time that suits you and Robert, just let me know.




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                                            I have been frustrated with the lack of communication on this as well from the Jive side.  We have been starting to sell Chime internally until we heard about its demise a couple of weeks ago.  I have been trying to get more info what this really means and the roadmap.  This is imperative, since Slack has started to grow within my organization as well.  I need  to know if Jive will have a play in this space or should let slack take over.


                                            Also, what is the story about Circles?  Does that live on as is, does it completely go away or will that be rolled in Jive Daily? 


                                            We are in the middle of a project to upgrade to the cloud and both of these questions have major impacts to our mobile strategy at go live. 

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                                                Jay, I'm back in S FL all next week. Let's set up a time for myself and Rich Blank and Rich Rans to chat on this and other topics. Slack isn't an apples to apples application to Jive as I believe you are aware of.  RTM has and will always be a feature of Jive. The frustration seems to be centered around how it's going to look down the road (built in or stand alone app etc). Let me chase down some solid data from engineering on that for you. 

                                                Rich recently put the following Jive v Slack message together for a client of mine that may also be helpful, please realize his comment isn't to sway against Slack but more of a useful explanation of what Jive is vs what Slack is. 

                                                Thomas mentioned you were looking at Slack.   Below, I’m including a few bullet points as well as links to 2 short video overviews of each application.  There’s an obvious difference in UI/UX you see in each 2 minute video you can share with your Exec team.   Buzzwords like “communication” and “collaboration” get thrown around by every company today without clear focus on what business problems these tools actually solve.  As you think about Jive, Slack or any communication/collaboration tool for that matter, it’s important to consider the following:
                                                1. Broad and deep business use cases – What business problems can be solved in Phase 1, 2, 3 and beyond?  From organization communication and crowd sourcing (e.g. Portals), team collaboration & communication, functional departmental use cases (e.g. Sales, marketing, IT, HR), project management, knowledge management, etc….Jive is one platform that can address all needs from portal replacements to team collab and deep departmental use cases.  Slack focuses on one narrow use case in team messaging.
                                                2. Cost -  Slack limits you around number of messages, # of integrations, and storage used.  And it solves 1 narrow use case for around $15/u/m (note that your org would have to go with their “Plus” or “Enterprise pricing coming soon”. Slack.com/pricing https://slack.com/pricing  Jive can solve hundreds of use cases for much less.   
                                                3. Search/Browse – When you use one platform for communications, messaging, Q&A, ideas, wikis, blogs, etc….the important thing to consider is how does the application allow users to organize & leverage knowledge captured and thus find it later.   Jive provides a robust search across people, places, and content in a social and relevant context.   Jive becomes the corporate memory that enables faster learning, reduces cycle times around finding information and expertise.   While Slack offers an “easy on ramp” for capturing microblog conversations, it is no better than email when it comes to organizing, retaining and most important finding information later.  
                                                4. Integrations – To Slacks credit, it does a great job of integrating many 3rd party apps in-line in their activity stream.   Of course so does Jive.  And we take integration much further than Slack in our UI/UX  Jive not only allows in-line stream integrations but integrated 3rd party systems into web based tiles on a page to create dashboards and forms and more.   
                                                5. Analytics –  Slack doesn’t offer much here.  On the other hand, Jive has robust analytics on content users create, community manager reports, social graph & engagement reporting.   Like Facebook or LinkedIn, the real benefit of these platforms in a business context is the underlying data the platform leverages to present more intelligent UX/UI and insights that were never possible before.  
                                                What is Slack:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RJZMSsH7-g   Essentially Slack is microblogging / group messaging.  That’s it.  There are Slack “channels” and in-line integrations with other apps (e.g. chat about a document living in Box).  Slack offers: 1) single activity stream, 2) microblogging messaging channels, 3) in-line integrations

                                                What is Jive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYSDOe8AKXs   Yes, Jive offers similar team messaging along with integrations.  However, Jive’s capabilities extend way beyond Slack:
                                                • Group messaging and collaboration
                                                • Activity Streams (both user driven custom streams and IT managed streams / auto subscriptions)
                                                • Integrations in-line (ability to write a post in Jive embedding 3rd party information in-line within the post)
                                                • Ability to customize and templatize look and feel of user groups and permission controlled sites
                                                • Publish rich content of multiple types (blogs, wikis, docs, videos, images, etc) 
                                                • Organize, tag, categorize content for faster browsing and searching
                                                • Robust search UX across people, places, and content in a contextual social search
                                                • Rich user profiles and expertise location
                                                • Full Portal replacement for intranets and departmental communication
                                                • Intelligent Q&A capability (e.g. Marking answers as correct, predictive lookup)
                                                • Ideation
                                                • Wikis and blogs
                                                • Images and Streaming Video
                                                • Document previews, workflows, and outcomes
                                                • Realtime language translation
                                                I hope this helps educate you more.  Happy to chat further anytime.


                                                - Rich

                                                Rich Blank

                                                Jive Software  |  PreSales Solutions

                                                rich.blank@jivesoftware.com  | c 704.243.9153

                                                Twitter & G+ @getrichieb | LinkedIn Richard Blank



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                                    Hi Everyone,


                                    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and concerns.

                                    I truly understand that the messages might be confusing but, please keep in mind that the main announcement we've made was with regards to Chime stand-alone free offering. As I explained in the blog: Jive Chime Update , we saw a greater opportunity for chatting functionality in our core Interactive Intranet solution, which led us to make the announcement.


                                    As for "contacting customer on a 1:1 basis" - I didn't mean it to look like I'm hiding info. On the contrary. I care about our customers and you're on top of our minds, which made me thinking that maybe it'll be good to give each one of you a phone call and let you share your thoughts .



                                    I hope it helps,