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    How to auto-title content link via the REST API?

    Adam Arrowsmith Intermediate

      When creating a piece of content or comment via the API that contains a link to another Jive content, I'd like to have the resulting link auto-title in the same fashion as when specifying links via the UI. I searched the Developer community and REST V3 API doc, as well as REST API v3 Examples (a nice cheat-sheet) but I haven't seen this exact scenario.


      If I post a request like this:

         { "type": "text/html", "text": "<body><p>This idea  has been merged into https://community.boomi.com/ideas/1006 and will marked as Duplicate and closed for future voting. Please view  that idea for status updates and to vote.</p></body>"
         "type": "comment"


      A link is rendered in the resulting comment (with the correct content-type icon--great) but it would be nice to have it auto-title the link:



      When I manually enter a content link via the UI and look at the HTML, there's a lot of additional markup for the link. For example:


      <p><span><a class="jive_macro jive_macro_idea" href="javascript:;" title="Boomi Connect" jivemacro="idea" ___default_attr="1019" data-orig-content="Boomi Connect">Boomi Connect</a> </span></p>


      On a whim I tried shoving that whole snippet in the request and it worked as desired. Just more work to obtain the title and construct this link.


      Is there a more direct/shortcut way to do this? Thanks!