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    Jive-x Cloud - Extracting Community Analytics not in Out-of-Box Reports

    rotoka@mimecast.com Novice

      Hi Everyone! 


      Doing some "Scooby-Doo" investigation here...  We are on the Jive-x cloud platform and are looking to extract analytics data (not in the “out-of-box” platform community reports).   We need to justify our investment in the community to the business and would like to surface data to help our Support Team as well (for example, seeing what community users are looking at prior to calling us).  Our SQL database would be accessing the Jive API – would we work with Jive directly on this?   Is there existing documentation from Jive on this type of analytics export? API?


      Any help or guidance here would be appreciated.  Cheers and zoinks! Rob

      Julie Schuster