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    Issue with custom tiles

    manjusha$kokate123 Novice


      We are facing issue while creating External Custom View tile. We are able to create Simple  and Internal Custom view Tiles. But in case of External custom view tile, while configuring the tile it keeps displaying 'Loading..'.

      Our application is a hosted application.

      Following are the steps which we have followed:

      1. Installation of Node.js

      2. Since application is behind firewall, proxy is set with the help of following command:

            set proxy = http://<proxy_username>:<Proxy_password>@<proxy_url>:<proxy_port>/

      3. Installation of JIve Node sdk :

           npm install jive-sdk

      4. Creation of External Tile:

           jive-sdk create tile-app-external --name="my-tile"

      5. Dependency Updation:

           npm update

      6. jiveclientconfiguration.json file is updated with clientURL as our application URL and port no.

      7. To start the service:

           node app.js

      8. To create add-on package :

           jive-sdk build add-on

      9. Newly created Extension.zip file is uploaded through 'Add-ons' from admin account and tile is added to the space.



      After that when we try to configure the tile, its showing message as 'Loading...'.


      list-tile sample.PNG


      Please help up to resolve this issue. Also please let us know if we have missed any step in the above mentioned steps.


      Cc Anusha Dittakavi Saurabh Singh