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    How to get more information about add-on "View Unavailable" message?

    mike.nistler.tr Novice

      I'm attempting to build a custom tile in the Jive-hosted testing environment for my company's intranet (https://thomsonreuters-test.jiveon.com).  The tile installed just fine, but once loaded simply shows the message "View Unavailable - This view should be showing activity or information provided by an add-on, but it was unavailable. Your site administrator may be able to help".


      How can I get more information about the nature of the problem?


      I think I may be able to get some clues about the nature of the problem from the Jive logs.  It looks like there may be two ways I could look at the logs:

      1. Get access to the server that the Jive test environment is running on and look at the log files directly


      2. Get access to the “Admin Console” and use the Log Viewer to look at the logs


      Since this error occurring in the "JiveOn"-hosted environment, I think we'll need assistance from Jive to get enough information to troubleshoot.  Are there things that can be done to get more info about the nature of this problem?


      (the code I'm running is this sample code -> Getting Started > Creating a List Tile with the Jive Node SDK plus a configured connection to a Heroku Node server https://jivesamplelist.herokuapp.com/sampletile-list/configure  )