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    Using a tag in news streams


      I noticed that when creating your own custom streams you can bring in tags - but when doing the system wide ones where you push blogs in news streams out to users, there's no option for tags?


      I need some sort of quick mechanism to be able to bring a blog posted as ones' personal blog into my news stream.


      Background - internal comms is totally distributed at our company. I have set up a few news streams to pull from any blog in a department space and some select open groups.  And I'm educating people on posting in a department space instead of a personal blog.


      However- we do have the occasional more personal blog which we encourage. Is there a way I can quickly tag a blog like this - when it's posted in personal blogs - and quickly surface to my All Blogs news stream; as a special exception to my rule for the stream?


      I don't want the stream rule to pull all blogs though - because it will duplicate what I've got going in my other streams I've set up!


      Since my news stream rule for All Blogs is listing out spaces/groups, I'm bound to miss one, so what's the best way to manage this quickly? Just move it to a dept space even if content is more personal in nature?