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    How to create a status update(inbox entry) with Link and preview image via REST API

    Powell Intermediate

      JIve 8 onprem

      REST API version 3.11

      Hi all,

      I need to replicate the functionality provided by the New->Status Update functionality with the link and preview image.  I can only use the REST API.
      So say I am trying to link to a page http:www.cnn.com, I want my followers to see it.   In the UI I would do this:


      Which would equal something like this in the inbox:




      I need to produce something similar with the REST API.   Not sure if an update is what I need or an activity.

      posting to /contents an update is simple enough, but I cant find how to add an image.

      posting an activities also works fine, but I have no luck including an image.


      Any help greatly appreciated.