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    Rewards Leaderboard No Longer Externally Accessible


      After the 2016.2 release this past weekend, all external contributors see in place of the tile is "Rewards is not available for external users" in our Jive-n environment.



      We use this function heavily to drive the behavior and usage of our external contributors and wanted to see if anyone else had seen this and new how to correct.


      We have reviewed both the Rewards - 2016.2 Deep Dive and Known & Fixed Issues in Jive-n and Jive-x Current Release (2016.3) but do not see this item listed in either document.


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          Hi Jeremy,

          Previously there had been several bugs which allowed external users to see Rewards and the leaderboards. There were several reasons that impacted Products decission to hide rewards from External Users; One of the reasons is due to the potential exposure of other members in the community. External Users should only see the content and users who are members of the externally accessible group(s) that the external contributors belong to.


          Unfortunately we are unable to enable Rewards/leaderboard for External Users.