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    Survey Monkey App Intetegration

    l9rezn Guru

      Has anyone built a JIVE app using Survey Monkey APIs?  I'd like to find out more information on how utilizing Survey Monkey through a JIVE community can be possible.




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          Frank Field Advanced

          Did you ever accomplish this? If so, how? Thanks!

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            tburak Jive SME

            Hi Lea Reznik - would love to see this, as the one of the functionalities I miss from our old SharePoint intranet is the ability to create 'forms' and display lists.


            Suggested this to Jive a while ago, that they look to create 'Jive friendly' add-ins for things like SurveyMonkey, if they weren't able to develop functionality themselves -

            Comments were 'taken on board' but haven't heard anything back -

            Will keep you posted if I hear anything from my end -




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                I investigated a Survey Monkey integration - its a bit difficult since there are limitations within Survey Monkey on the ability to create forms via their developer APIs. There's also significant license fees for multiple users.


                I agree that Jive needs to have "forms" ability if they want to be the "work hub". We need the use forms often in the social Intranet.


                The SharePoint for Jive has been reduced to just an external storage provider and lists/forms is a component that is missing, but would be greatly appreciated.


                When you find something - let me know!




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                    Hi Lea,


                    My name is Yoav and I'm in product management (looking into that specific area recently). I'm almost sure we met sometime in the past.


                    Could you please provide some examples of forms and associated workflow that you would like to see in Jive ? forms and workflow have a very wide span of functionality, and we are looking to narrow down the specific use cases, so we can choose the right technology and UX for implementing such functionality. For this we are looking for some very specific examples.


                    Also - regarding surveys and surveymonkey - is this related to the more generic "forms" reqeust - or a different requrieemnt ?

                    are you familiar with the TemboSocial polls & surveys integration we have ?




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                        tburak Jive SME

                        Hi Yoav -


                        By 'Forms' our use cases are less about work flow, and more about capturing data to produce lists -


                        ie -

                        attending an event, and need to capture - Name, Department, Email, cost code (user entered), and dietary requirements

                        - output is an excel list / csv


                        workflows are relatively simple -

                        ie - IT new joiner, leaver, change - which is filled in by an office, sent to IT to be processed - much easier to be done on line, but still being downloaded from jive, completed in word, emailed to IT


                        We need a tool that will let people create the forms they want - the old tool you had was way to complicated for an end users, and the 'copy document' isn't really useful -


                        Survey monkey is easy - what is your question, how do you want to capture the result (text, multiple choice, single choice, etc)


                        SharePoint is a bit more involved, but quite easy for an admin to manage

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                    Steven Green Novice

                    For those looking for an Integrated Polls, Survey and Form add-on for Jive, you may find this video demo helpful.


                    If you are looking for more information, feel free to contact me: steven@tembosocial.com



                    Update:  Here is a visual of the new Ratings Question type that supports emoticons for a friendly user experience:



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