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    V6.0.3+ "More" Not Appearing in the Recent Content Widget Display

    scoe Advanced

      Hi Folks:


      We're on-prem and have Groups and Spaces with quite a bit of content.  The Group and Space Administrators who limit the content displayed on the group landing page by setting the "Number of Results:" counter in the Recent Content widget are not seeing the "More" button at the base of the displayed list. 


      This is in 6.0.3+ and I've worked with Support to identify it as a bug in the widget itself, it's now JIVE-38747 with no resolution timeframe provided.  Support has researched both custom Theme settings and plug-ins (we only have 6 and none are homegrown) and ruled those out, hence the bug ID.


      I've also been advised that there's no easy code snippet I could use to trigger some JS to invoke the "More" functionality, so I'm looking for other ideas.


      Also, please look at your own environments since I don't know how far back this bug goes in the V6 platform.  You may have the same issue.  Worst case I can swap over to the Recent Activity widget but that widget is messy, even though it does successfully allow for "(+)Load more items".




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