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    Adding CSS and JS to head tag or header tag in Jive X cloud version

    browneandrae Novice

      I have read numerous documentation and found most of the answers I need here Customizing Using CSS  . However I needed clarification on one question . In regards to the cloud version of Jive X , I understand that the CSS add in the head section only affects the box underneath . Is there a process to adding external css or javascript files inside the head or header sections of Jive X cloud version . For example https://geonet.esri.com/welcome has javascript and css inside the <header></header> tags , not <head> , so I was wondering if this can only be done with hosted / on premises versions of jive or maybe jive support would be able to add files to the <header> tag for us. Currently <link rel="stylesheet"> and <script> tags are getting stripped out when added to the custom header html inside from the Avatar > Themes > Advanced > Custom tab .