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    'Pushing' content to other social media?

    jthack05 Novice

      Once we create our content/discussion or other posts, is there a way to push, or share this to other social media like Twitter or Face Book?


      Thank you!

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          manpreets Novice

          Hi James Thacker,


          We can do it simply by creating an add-on having configuration section to authenticate with social media. Now on every discussion/content, we can enable a custom action, while clicking on that action our discussion will publish in the social media site (eg: via Graph api in facebook)



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            Ryan Rutan Guru

            To add onto Manpreet's comments.  If you created a Jive App with a Content Action Contribution (see App Action Contribution Reference > Content Action), you can permission who in the community has access to the Application.


            This would allow only specific people to use the Share to Social capability, or you could leave it open for any registered user.


            Once you click on the app link, a modal window will appear where you can pull all the details from the current piece of content, container and viewer ... and program it to do whatever you need to with a foreign API.  Using Jive Connects API - Client Application Configuration and API Usage, you may be able to pre-configure a secure connection to the remote API without incurring a middleware cost.


            Also, there is a default configuration in Admin > System > Settings > Social Media Settings where you can configure a Social Media Share bar.


            If you want this share to be automatic, you can use ExtProps on the Container or Content and Webhooks with middleware to process content creation and automatically pumping content that matches specific criteria to the social media channel of your choice.


            See Common Jive Add-On Use-Case Patterns for more details.


            Hope that helps.