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    Jive/Dropbox integration challenge

    Mark Berns

      We're very new to Jive - still in the early days of planning the implementation. And we've come across one concern.


      While it would be great to have all of our users in Jive the reality is that it will be a migration over time and there may be some of our users who prefer accessing files through dropbox.com or the Dropbox desktop app.


      To help facilitate that I'm looking for any examples of Jive/Dropbox integrations that allow users to work in OR out of Jive and still be able to maintain a folder structure that makes sense to humans. It looks like the basic integration creates a series of top-level folders, which would be confusing to users working outside Jive.


      Our folder hierarchy today is not entirely consistent but tends to be associated with work groups and projects within work groups.