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    Public vs. Private


      Can you make a space private? Or can you only make a group private? I'm trying to set up different spaces for different departments/groups/etc. and am just wondering what the different functionality is.

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          Toby Metcalf

          Hi Christine,

          This document Groups vs. Spaces may be helpful.

          Regarding membership: "

          There    is no membership element to a public Space. For a Private Space, the  space admins or the system admins can create access control in  the   backend. Space admins can then use a widget in the front user   interface  to show who has access. It is not recommended to use Spaces   to create  private collaboration. Although the membership and   permissions can be  controlled at a much granular level, it is usually   not recommended to  use a Space for private collaboration.


          Some Jive documentation on creating Spaces: Jive 7.0 Community Admin Documentation



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