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    Chance to share training approaches


      Hi community managers!


      I'm putting together a new training suite for our Jive instance and would love to see / share other training approaches for internal communities out there, both for Jive use and behavioural / capability orientated.


      Usual confidentiality rules apply, if you've got something to share please get in touch, it would be great to chat to you.


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          Hi Dan Thomas


          We are discussing changing our current training which is mostly an induction for new starters, surgeries and training sessions at staff days.  Would be interested in seeing what others do as well.  Looking for best practice as we're looking to improve Jive adoption and usage.

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            Toby Metcalf

            Good day Dan,

            Great idea - happy to help!

            Would you please clarify: are you looking for ideas, policies, documents, all of the above :-)



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              excellent thanks all!


              For us we're looking to refine our offering with a clear focus on the behaviors that drive collaboration, rather than the just the tool of jive. E.g.


              - where we refer to avatars we discuss the importance of having one as well as how to update it.

              - where we talk about collaboration, we discuss working out loud, giving others sight of work and the importance of that to the business



              What i'm really interested in is how other areas are doing that, where they see the challenges, what's worked and not worked and how to balance jive and behaviors together.


              So i guess that's a long way of saying - all of the above!

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                I'll wait for a few more replies and put together a group call after for people to join and share

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                  Helen Chen

                  I would love to join this discussion!  I'm interested in conversations around both Jive adoption and collaboration.

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                    Dina Vekaria-Patel

                    We're in the process of re-recording our training to showcase all the new features we have on the new Cloud updates.


                    We have a suite of training material and options for Neo (our Jive community).


                    Neo Basics - Mandatory training taken on our LMS for all new employees at Pearson.

                    Introduction to Neo Community Management - Optional training taken on our LMS that talks about places, features, functions, comms plan etc

                    Advanced Neo Community Management - Optional training taken on our LMS that talks about the above, as well as reporting/analytics, ongoing engagement etc


                    We have a range of help content that we have put in a A-Z format on our help page, so users can see and search at a glance.

                    Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 21.24.39.png

                    We also have NeoBytes, which are short video clips in our Neo Help space that demonstrates how to do something. Some users learn better visually and we wanted to provide more than just help documents.


                    Example NeoByte:



                    We ask our colleagues to take training, use Neo Help and our NeoBytes first. We also offer a 1:1 #AskNeo: Working Together service, colleagues complete a form and request 1:1 time with a member of the Neo team. Dependent on the type of help they need, one of us will schedule a 30 min call with them and go through their specific questions. We do monitor what we get, sometimes they prefer a 1:1, but if we have the help content available we tend to point them towards that first. We only take the #AskNeo request if the request is outside of what we already provide.


                    I hope this helps.

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                      I have not created the proper documents for our customized training but I've done the actual training already.

                      Basically, we conducted a customized training based on how the target audience can best utilize Jive as a collaboration tool. We usually conduct basic and advanced training sessions. Basic is overview, advanced is run in three different sessions (content, people, place ). Ours is Jive 7 instance.



                      Customized trainings:

                      1. For Business Planning Managers and Personal Assistants - this covers how BPMs and PAs can further extend support to their leaders. Topics include how to monitor leader activities by following them thru Inbox, setting up customized streams for people/content/places their leaders want to keep track on.


                      2. Dedicated jive connectors training (when we deployed it) to corporate affairs folks (since they are the active users) and other jive advocates.


                      3. Quick training for leaders - we designed a 15-30min training for busy leaders just to cover the essentials for them like setting up their blogs, creating their first blog, following other leaders, setting up  their profile and preferences and where to see the notifications.


                      I've also recently conducted a training on "How to engage users in your community", target audience are the community managers.



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                          Like the idea of PA training, are you finding that's a good way to engage your leaders indirectly?

                          Really interested in the leaders training as that's a focus for us, are there any cultural elements to that or is it more how to do things on Jive (rather than the why)

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                              yes, in a way it helps the leaders be updated and somehow creates some level of influence to using Jive more, slowly but their visibility is there.


                              the leaders training is highly customisable; usually we'd ask first the PAs or the leaders themselves if there's anything specific they want to know so we can address it during the short training, otherwise, the generic leaders training agenda will take place.


                              i forgot to mention, during leaders training, no matter how quick that is, we would show them some real success stories of how other leaders or business find the tool effective and how it's changing their engagement. whether it's big or small case, it doesn't matter. it would be good to know if u can show them real examples.


                              cultural elements - this is really a hard shell to crack! i wish there's a real formula for this unfortunately it's still a struggle. i usually leverage on the current business problems they have and see how jive can help improve it.


                              cheers mate

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                            Huge thanks to everyone for coming back to me!


                            I'm thinking about an (up to) 2 hour dial in / share session over webex for people to share, discuss challenges and talk about approaches.


                            How does Monday at 2pm GMT which is 9am EDT. I can record it for anyone that can't make it and share it privately with everyone on the thread.

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                              event created at - Training approach share session


                              If anyone would like to check out some of the stuff we do, see my discussions at:


                              How Jive works infographic

                              Why we collaborate infographic