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    Access parent window\container information in app pop-up view?

    danil Novice

      Hi everyone and Ryan Rutan


      I made lots of apps and I have a question that could be an Idea if this is not implemented somehow.


      According to App Action Contribution Reference 

      I can make different views for different actions on page.


      Lets take this as default situation:


      1. We have app with profile page action(a button -that opens some popup window with some view)

      2. As we are on profile page we probably will need get some info or display it according to current user opened profile

      3. I can turn security off and access parent window using Javascript




      4. But what if I want it right way with security turned on. I don't need current logged in user. I need that one who's profile is opened.


      How to do it?

      I know in tiles we can get parent place object after getting tileInstance object. But how to do it in app?




      so the question sounds How to access parent window\container information in app pop-up view?




      Hope this will helpful for others too.