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    How to change the owner to all documents from a user

    acalderong Novice

      Hi to all,


      I'm facing a problem, When a user left company all the documents he has created must change their owner to a new active user in the system, because we have a security policy that demands to delete all users who were quit.


      Is there a way to change the owner to all the documents created in one shot? Can I perform this action with API Rest?


      Thank you

        • Re: How to change the owner to all documents from a user

          Hi Arturo Calderón,


          Reviewing through your inquiry there are a couple of options available:


          1. I would suggest checking out the Author Change Add-On developed by our Professional Service's team. While this does not have a bulk function, it does allow you to reassign an author of content via the UI.


          2. This has also been raised as a potential feature enhancement for a future release so would encourage you to help vote it up if this is a feature you are interested in seeing.


          3. If you are interested in developing a custom feature leveraging the API, I would recommend reaching out to the Jive Developers space here in the Jive Community where you can collaborate with other developers on potential customizations you are interested in developing.



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