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    Trying to create an add-on for specific task

    adamraetz Novice

      My task:


      Create an add-on which listens for the jive:user_account_enabled event, checks if the Country field of the user's profile (this is required for registering users) is a specific country and then adds them to the appropriate user groups based on that country. This requires no tile, no confirmation, it's a bit of automation we are trying to accomplish to save time and clicks.



      My issue:


      I've never developed anything for Jive (in truth I never even heard of it before about 5 weeks ago). I am having a rough time figuring out how to make the rest calls within the node.js project. I feel like the example materials provided in the tutorials are either too specific to a project that I cannot draw parallels to or are too simple... again to draw parallels with. I do not need to create tiles or widget.


      I am decent in java/javascript/html and the like, but REST and this node.js project builders are foreign to me.


      Definitely not seeking a hand out, just a bit of guidance or more specific direction.