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    How would you like to see the intersection of learning and development with communities / intranets / ESNs represented at JiveWorld?

    Keeley Sorokti Advanced

      My working hypothesis....If more learning and development professionals were working directly with community managers and strategists within organizations, we could create new and better learning experiences which extend way beyond formal training workshops. So how do we get more learning and development professionals to attend JiveWorld and share their stories? How do we get these two groups to build ecosystems that support not only working out loud but also learning out loud and reflecting out loud? And how do we integrate the systems used for collaboration and learning so the experience is seamless for the employee/learner?


      Andy Wooler, Jeff Merrell, Sayoda Saydalieva and I just had a conversation with Libby Taylor and Belinda Joseph about the desire to have a more formal presence at JiveWorld for topics related to the intersection of learning and development and communities/intranets.


      This goes beyond just the basic need for integration of the Learning Management Systems with Jive.


      Am curious to hear from members of the Learning and Development group about ideas you have for how we can start sharing how we are using or would like to use Jive to facilitate learning, both informal and formal.


      What might attract more of our L&D / Sales Enablement / Training / HR colleagues to attend JiveWorld?


      Last year at the Learning Meetup at JiveWorld there was a massive turnout and we clearly were at the point of needing some more formal programming.


      Reply to this discussion to share your ideas and let's make it happen!!!


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