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    Question on blogs that get an email


      I was wondering, on the news set up, when you set it to automatically send an email for every blog, how does this impact metrics?


      If someone reads the entire blog via their email and never clicks to read it in Jive, does that count towards a unique view or other metric in Jive? Or does it go undetected since they've scanned it in their email client and took no action to click?


      I am trying to determine of the auto emails have made a difference or not in readership. So far, I can't see that they have. Our CEO blogs automatically get an email and they are not always well read. Could there be more actual views than are showing because people read it via email?

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          Helen Chen

          I'm pretty sure that just looking at them in your email inbox without going to the post is not counted as a view since it is not a call to the database.


          BTW, I think looking at it in your Jive inbox without clicking to open is also seen as no activity, which is another false negative.  AND, views by the author when writing the post and anyone going to the post to get to Impact Metrics are both seen as views, which is a false positive.


          Good luck!