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    How to manage tile in 2 différents versions ?


      I developp a custom complex tile.  This tile is in production in V1, and I would like to test it in V2 on secret community.


      But I can't deploy the two versions in the same jive env. At each a version failed. I has tried to update data in jiveClientConfiguration.json


      I have changed  the id, uuid, the name, etc ... Nothing works !!


      extensionInfo": {

         "id": "ab6a7596-ea81-4d26-af17-666b72df416c",

         "uuid": "ab6a7596-ea81-4d26-af17-666b72df416c",

         "name": "jobs-adeo-search-tile-v1.1.0",

         "description": "Description for jobs-adeo-search-tile v1.1.0",

         "icon_16": "extension-16.png",

         "icon_48": "extension-48.png",

         "icon_128": "extension-128.png",

         "releasedOn": "2016-09-13T16:26:47.772Z"



      Could you help me to host the same tile in two different version ?