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    Jive for Office/Outlook 30.5.0 - Office 2016 & Windows 10 support


      We are pushing today a new update for both Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook that brings full support for Office 2016 & Windows 10.

      While we wished to release the support for Office 2016 sooner, we took a conscious decision to delay the release to ensure we get it right.


      The current supported configurations:

      • Windows 7,Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
      • Office 2010, Office 2013,Office 2016
      • Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox, Chrome


      Known issues:


      Jive for Outlook Convert to discussion not including images from replies


      Error when publish as doc name with special chars (like !@#$%^&*)


      Error when share a doc to yourself


      Jive For Office › Toolbar - Document Section › Open › Search for place- data is missing on search


      View of info&biography tabs via outlook>crop text and data is missing


      For installation instructions and download links, please refer to Jive for Office ModuleJive for Outlook Module.


      As you might have noticed, we are pushing more updates then before, to ensure both compatibility and high quality solution.

      We think that the J4O solution is unique to Jive, and adds a lot of value to you, our customers, and we are committed to keep maintain and improve it.


      In the sake of transparency, and doing it the Jive way, i will share in the coming weeks some of the plans we on the roadmap, and would love to hear your feedback.

      I encourage you to create ideas for any feature request you would like to see, and share it here in the comments